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Welcome to Owl Country

taken, Lincoln Financial Stadium, Philadelphia, PA on 9/14/2019

Temple University

Play the track to begin.

Welcome to Owl Country

"T" for Temple "U"


Fight, fight, fight!

For the Cherry and the White,

For the Cherry and the White,

We'll fight, fight, fight!

A group of owls is called a parliament.

Greatness Doesn’t Quit

Temple Tuff

Perseverantia Vincit

Perseverance Conquers

Donuts from Dunkin,

Kielbasy from Czerws,

Tomato Pie from Cacia’s,

Crab fries from Chickie’s and Pete’s

Owls run on Dunkin

Owls can turn their heads as much as 270 degrees.

Fight! Temple, fight on!

Fight with all your might!

Fight for the Cherry and White,

Keep our colors high!

These colors don’t run.

The cherry and the white.

Our blood runs cherry and white.

The pride of the cherry and the White.

Roll that ball and hit the line,

All the Temple stars will shine,

Skill and courage win the game

Fight on, Temple, fight!

The color of owl’s feathers helps them blend into their environment (camouflage).

Our Owls can hang with the best in the American Conference

Our owls ripped apart the



Yellow Jackets



Bulls of USF

Green Wave


But we were slain by the

Bulls of Buffalo




North Carolina awaits us at the Military Bowl

Death to the Tarheels

Greatness Doesn’t Quit

Don’t skimp on the sautéed onions

“Change is going to happen. We are aware of that.”

“This game, and the attention surrounding it, should have been a great opportunity to showcase our North Broad Street campus. After all, Temple is no longer just a commuter school serving the region — it’s a nationally recognized university. But we’re here in South Philly, hearing our own echoes.”

Onward with Temple,

Banners all unfurled;

Wide flung our standards,

To the winds they're hurlded.

North Philly to Girard Estates

Delco demons

Montco marauders

Chesco cavaliers

Tacony Tigers

All have gathered here on Pattison Ave

Owls and Eagles

Birds of a feather flock together

Playing on the land of the eagles

Following our Founder

To immortal Fame;

Making true his vision,

Of a deathless name.

Up with the community

Down with the Stadium

“Temple’s strongest recruiting tool is its original mission, which includes valuing the Acres of Diamonds in our own backyard. If Temple wants to build something that will help attract more students to the university, including the too-few students from our surrounding zip codes, Temple can begin by building a more understanding and respectful relationship with its neighbors by announcing that it will no longer pursue this project."

Hail! Alma Mater,

Honor, praise to Thee;

We pledge our lives,

Our hearts in loyalty.

Wisdom, Truth and Virtue

Built our Temple great;

Perseverance conquers;

Higher to create.

Our acres of diamonds getting pulled up. Where will all the diamonds go to? Our backyards getting dug up. Cherry and white diamonds getting pulled from our lands into others’ pockets, in their bracelets, rings, and saws. But, diamonds are forever. You can’t have diamonds without the coal and carbon.

Owls are farsighted, meaning they can’t see things close to their eyes clearly.

Greatness Doesn’t Quit

Lincoln Financial Group

Empowering expertise for representatives, agents and planners for over 50 years to deliver the most independent, comprehensive financial advice.

47% of Americans struggle

to talk about finances

Let us help you guide the conversation

with your loved ones

Teach kids about cashless and online finances

In an increasingly digital world, your kids will need to know how to handle their finances online and how to responsibly use debit cards.

"T" for Temple "U"


Fight, fight, fight!

For the Cherry and the White,

For the Cherry and the White,

We'll fight, fight, fight!

Talk, plans, proposals, delays, rejections, op-eds, proposals, planning, executive team.

Communities over Corporations

How do we both get what we want? Delays, delays, delays. It’s the Chinatown Phillies’ stadium all over again.

How will our owls soar? Where will they soar?

How can we soar into the future if we are held on to the past?

Our Crusade isn’t complete yet.

We will thrive on that national stage

Greatness Doesn’t Quit

Welcome to Owl Country


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